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Pennsylvania Addiction Treatment Center in Hanover

Located in York County, BriteLife Recovery is just 54 miles northwest of Baltimore in the rolling hills of Hanover, Pennsylvania. Set across 15 acres of countryside, BriteLife provides cutting-edge, innovative, and evidence-based addiction treatment for detox, residential, and outpatient programs. Our Pennsylvania addiction treatment center focuses on recovery, total health, and wellness. Our clinical team provide clients with a healing addiction recovery experience from substances and related behavioral health issues.

We also offer treatment for co-occurring disorders. Our approach is data-driven, evidence-based individualized addiction treatment. We also emphasize the importance of empowering our team members by providing them with the training and flexibility to care for and support our clients in a truly effective manner. BriteLife offers a collaborative approach to individualized care that is centered on client choice that puts them on the path to recovery and wellness. Our meticulous program components are evidence-based and integrative with one another.


Admitting into our Pennsylvania rehab now will set the foundation for a new you in 2023! Our Hanover detox and residential programs will help you to begin a sober, healthy lifestyle, manage triggers, and restore your health. December is traditionally the most dangerous month for substance-related overdoses. Waiting until January will only put you and your family through another tense and potentially risky holiday season. Call us today at 866-470-1464 to admit as early as tomorrow.


Pennsylvania Drug & Alcohol Rehab Program

We begin to plan for discharge from the moment you are admitted. Our focus is on providing you with the knowledge and strength you need to break the cycle of addiction. Our first step is to assess your addiction, your physical condition, and the treatment level you need. Most clients begin in a medically supervised detox, and then proceed to our Pennsylvania residential program.

During the residential program, each client meets regularly with the various members of their treatment team, not only for therapy and activities, but also as part of our ongoing progress evaluation. This enables our Pennsylvania addiction treatment team to measure the treatment progress and make any needed adjustments.

Evidence-Based Pennsylvania Addiction Treatment 

Drug addiction and alcoholism are medical problems. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), “The effects of drugs and alcohol on our brains are dramatic, and they can change how neurons and neurotransmitters communicate. They profoundly alter the way our brain functions.” Both the American Medical Association (AMA) and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) recognize addiction as a medical problem that can be treated with medical interventions and psychotherapy. In fact, BriteLife Pennsylvania provides cutting-edge substance use disorder care that has been well researched and evaluated for their efficacy.

Substance abuse is also a behavioral problem, which is why our therapists take care of the whole person, ensuring that co-occurring disorders are treated at the same time. Providing the highest level of care, compassion, and professional treatment are a cornerstone of our private Pennsylvania addiction treatment program.

Hanover Rehab for Substance Use Disorder

As an individual and a family dealing with substance use disorder, we understand that it is a distressing topic of conversation. As a result, we’ll sit down with you and tailor our Hanover rehab programs to meet your particular needs. Our psychotherapists will take the time to understand your substance use

 and collaborate on a plan that will help you get sober, and help you stay that way. Our treatment options include popular evidence-based treatment like:

Trauma Response Care in Hanover, PA

Trauma response care has a unique approach to treatment. It is based on the knowledge that most people (particularly women) receiving substance abuse care have some form of trauma in their past. So, it is important to be mindful of potential trauma during initial assessments. It is an important component of our Pennsylvania addiction treatment.

BriteLife therapists treat clients from a perception of respect— for them as people, for their endurance skills, and for their strength. Clients are urged to open-up and become a partner in their own therapy. In this setting, clients can get past the pain and re-establish a sense of achievement and personal value. Furthermore, our Pennsylvania trauma response care addresses the client’s well-being, as well as their addiction needs. Trauma informed care presents a compassionate treatment for hope, healing, and recovery.

At BriteLife, many of our therapists have been educated / trained to apply trauma response. This means realizing the role that trauma may play in substance abuse, and in the full scope of behavioral health problems. Our clinicians have studied how to ask the right questions and discuss trauma as part of our Pennsylvania addiction treatment program. Additionally, they can decide when trauma-focused strategies are necessary.


Our History

BriteLife Recovery was founded to create a more compassionate, customized addiction treatment center. We do not accept the fallacy of addiction stigma and believe that recovery from a substance abuse is achievable for anyone who commits to a set of daily actions with focus on recovery as a lifestyle. By understanding that substance abuse is often an indication of an underlying problem. We foster compassion, understanding, and assistance in recovery for families and individuals affected by substance abuse.

Beginning in 2015 with BriteLife Recovery South Carolina, we have always been committed to the individual recovery of each person who walks through our doors. Since then, we have grown from a single boutique facility to a national full-service addiction treatment center provider. However, we will retain our intimate environment in every treatment center we open. By addressing the underlying issues of addiction, we can help our clients build a life filled with hope and joy! Our Pennsylvania addiction treatment center offers detox and residential programs to provide clients with state-of-the-art drug and alcohol rehab.



Gender-Specific Programming

Our programming encourages clients to be more open and share experiences with their peers. This is typically an obstacle in coed groups.

residential treatment
Trauma Responsive Facility

Acknowledging trauma is important during substance use disorder treatment. Many clients self-medicate to endure emotions.

massage and acupuncture
Inpatient Rehab

BriteLife offers inpatient medical detox, residential, and outpatient programs to effectively treat our clients with substance use disorder. 

Luxury Amenities 

Our Pennsylvania countryside campus offers a non-institutional environment and amenities that create a comfortable, rejuvenating experience for clients in our Hanover addiction treatment program.

We work with most major insurance providers

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BriteLife has great employees and technicians. The therapists are also amazing and that's where you really see the difference between them and other recovery centers.

BriteLife Recovery helped save my life. The staff is amazing, and the therapists couldn’t be any better. They provide the tools needed to overcome your problems. I have never felt so welcome walking into a place like this before.





I arrived at BriteLife completely broken, hopeless and full of fear. I now see a new man in the mirror — one filled with determination, gratitude and love. BriteLife provided me with intangibles that translate to success. Thank you. I love you all!

I was on a horrible path and the staff at BriteLife saved my life. I loved each and every one of them! I was surrounded by so much care and love. I would recommend BriteLife to anybody I come across.



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