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BriteLife Recovery is a national drug and alcohol addiction treatment program with facilities in South Carolina and Pennsylvania. All our treatment campuses are immaculate, boutique centers of hope and healing. The exhaustive list of amenities, as well as a skilled and compassionate addiction staff, create an atmosphere that is advantageous to addiction rehabilitation. Clients receive individualized therapy plans that are centered on client choice and personal needs. BriteLife is committed to treating the whole person and offers holistic wellness programs that integrate well with traditional behavioral therapies. We also adhere to gender-specific programming and provide treatment for co-occurring disorders.


There is no shortage of addiction treatment centers in America. Many of them, however, operate for the wrong reasons. Owners perceive them as a means to make money at the cost of people who will need help. The current addiction problem is just too substantial, and the risks are far too high, for such carelessness. The mission at BriteLife is clear. We will re-establish dignity, health and hope to families affected by alcohol and drug abuse, along with mental health conditions. We are focused on gender-specific addiction care that restores our client's self-esteem. We also place special emphasis on trauma and other co-occurring disorders. At the center of it all is an individualized addiction treatment experience that heals our clients and empowers them to move forward in their recovery.

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