Our Approach

Our Approach

BriteLife’s addiction recovery approach is create overall health, wellness and recovery through harm reduction and solution-based clinical therapies. We also believe in gender-separate treatment programming. and applying what works best for each client. At the heart of the program, however, is individualized therapy. While group therapy provides many benefits, the first step toward real recovery comes from getting to the bottom of their addictions. When people are managing the shame, guilt and regret that accompanies addiction, they’re not getting to communicate all of that during group therapy. Through individual psychotherapy, a trained therapist can get to the heart of the matter, helping people open-up psychologically and get past their demons in a safe and comfortable setting. 


Avoiding a programmatic approach, BriteLife delivers individual, evidence-based therapies in an intimate environment of hope and healing. The amenities at BriteLife are first-class and the food is prepared by our talented culinary team. Nature outings and activities are a daily occurrence in our bucolic setting. However, the program is a higher level of care than most other Pennsylvania rehabs. BriteLife focuses on what people can do, instead of what they can’t do. Striving to show people how to care for themselves, the program also provides nutritional counseling, alternative wellness programs, life skills and more.

Our value proposition is to retain an intimate environment, provide gender-specific substance use treatment, and address trauma, along with other co-occurring disorders. In addition, we offer resort-like amenities and comfortable accommodations that are usually reserved for high-end, luxury treatment centers.


The goal is to keep clients comfortable while, at the same time, treating them intensely to maximize their time in our Hanover rehab. Everyone is admitted into the program at a residential level of care as long as they have successfully completed detox first.. We provide 24-hour medical care, doctors, nurses, and fully licensed and therapists. Clients also receive treatment for co-occurring mental health disorders. Our clinical leaders drive the philosophy of the program, which offers the highest levels of care on one campus, with robust alumni, and outpatient programs.

A one-on-one approach to addiction recovery is at the center of BriteLife’s thinking, and its strategic to BriteLife’s success. Individual therapy can give clients the tools and help they need to summon the strength to end addiction while healing from substance abuse..

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