About 60% of U.S. adults drink alcoholic beverages and 17% of those reported drinking heavily during Covid-19.

Drug Rehab

The reality is of drug addiction is that it will not get better on its own. Drug rehab begins with a medical detox and followed by residential care.

Cocaine & Crack

Cocaine is the second most popular illegal recreational drug in the United States behind cannabis, and the U.S. is the world's largest consumer of cocaine.


Heroin is one of the most addictive and lethal drugs in the world. It is associated with countless deaths with the emergence of dangerous Fentanyl.


Newly published U.S. data finds overdose deaths from methamphetamine use more than doubled in recent years.

Prescription Drugs

The Covid-19 pandemic sharply increased prescription drugs by an already overmedicated America.


The opioid crisis is the second biggest health crisis in America. and the number of reported addictions and deaths connected to these drugs continues to increase.


Fentanyl is now the number cause of death for adult Americans aged 18-45. It has found its way into an endless supply of drugs coming into the U.S. daily.


The expanded awareness of anxiety disorders, which affect nearly 20% of Americans, has contributed to the growing use of Xanax. and benzos.


Morphine is a strong and highly addictive prescription painkiller. It is used primarily in hospitals and used to treat acute pain.


Marijuana is prohibited under federal law, but a number of states have legalized the drug for recreational purposes in recent years. Today’s weed is potent.

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