Admission Criteria

BriteLife Recovery Admission Criteria

  • 18 years or older
  • Primary substance use or substance related problem
  • Must be admitting to treatment willingly with a pledge to discovering a sober life.

Considered suitable for sub-acute detoxification or residential treatment, psychological and medical assessments that cover the following:

  • Withdrawal: Patient not at risk for serious complications, or is exhibiting stable withdrawal

  • Bio-Medical Conditions: None or stable biomedical conditions and/or complications, or under the care of a physician who attests to suitability and will continue to monitor the resident.

  • Emotional/Behavioral/Cognitive Conditions and Complications: None or minimal; not distracting to recovery, able to be managed in residential level of care, individuals believed to be high risk for violence or suicide shall be referred for inpatient psychiatric treatment.

  • Level of Denial as to nature of adverse alcohol/drug consequences: Patient voluntarily presents for treatment, accepts the presence of a substance use disorder, its consequences, and accepts the need for a structured residential setting.

Exclusion Criteria

  • Has primary process addiction without a co-morbid substance use disorder or has no substance use disorder
  • Displays unsafe behavior
  • Requires immediate medical evaluation, or ongoing high intensity medical or nursing care.
  • An active and unmanaged eating disorder
  • Active psychosis, mania, or a disorder that the individual is unable to be in group settings without disruptions.
  • Chronic pain condition that requires medication supervision and/or narcotic medication and/or unwillingness to discontinue a contraindicated medication
  • Has a developmental disability, which is primary to substance addiction, or the disability would preclude the individual from benefiting from program.
  • Would be better served by a program more appropriate to the individual’s diagnosis or individual needs.

The Pennsylvania rehab programs at BriteLife are designed to provide a safe, warm environment where clients can concentrate on healing, wellness, and recovery. Please call us at 866-470-2187 to find out if our addiction treatment programs are right for you. 

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