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Avoiding a programmatic approach, BriteLife offers evidence-based therapies in Hanover, PA. The amenities at BriteLife are top-notch, the cuisine is wonderful, and the rooms are stylishly comfortable. We offer a higher level of care than most clients are used to, and not typical of most rehab programs. BriteLife Pennsylvania focusses on what people can do, rather than what they can’t do. We instruct clients on how to take care of themselves and help them begin their journey in recovery.

With drug and alcohol addiction at record numbers in this country, many people never get the treatment experience they require. Private therapists can help close this gap, as a useful resource for people who are likely to need upkeep therapy during addiction recovery, and to triage and refer clients with increased substance problems to the right rehab provider. But differentiating between residential programs can be difficult.

Recommendations for Clinician Referral to Rehab

Take note of patterns of behavior that could suggest an abuse-addiction problem. Pay attention to the following behaviors:

  • Missed appointments, or always late to appointments.
  • Discussions relative to missed work, being late to work, or worse.
  • Exchanges about broken relationships, abrupt mood swings, arguments, or legal problems.

People need life-saving addiction treatment before an accidental overdose occurs or worse. If a client’s life is becoming unmanageable from alcohol or drugs, or if are several signs of substance use disorder, now is the time to refer that patient to a trusted addiction rehab provider. If you have a bond with your client, you can be candid about your nervousness and help determine the origins of what is happening to her/him.

Remember there is no “good” time for rehab as it will surely be a definite pause in their life. Deciding when to go to treatment is collective decision between the therapist and patient. Because there is no perfect time to get help, it may be effective to discuss the pros and the cons of going to residential treatment. These factors, along with your clinical concerns, and the problems the patient is experiencing.

Choosing the RIGHT Treatment Center

Create a list of reputable rehab providers to whom you can refer your clients. Knowing when to refer a client to treatment should also involve having a go-to list of treatment options and providers in place, so that you can help expedite the process for the patient. This list should incorporate the major addiction treatment modalities, but also some unique options like medication assisted treatment (MAT) or dual diagnosis. At the same time, it is prudent to have one or two partners close to the area and some for patients to travel out of state.

When vetting prospective referral partners, pursue treatment providers that are accredited and have a substantial history, then read their client reviews, services, and reputation. Knowledge is power and you’ll sleep better knowing you’re referring a client to a highly regarded addiction treatment center.

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