The britelife recovery Pennsylvania alumni program

Alumni programs are essential to the addiction recovery of every client. We believe that a client's conclusion of rehab is the start of something new. Right from the get-go, we outline our clients' recovery plans. In fact, the people you attend rehab with will intuitively be part of your new sober network. We are here to help you or a loved one in any way we can. Addiction treatment peers are a significant resource of inspiration during recovery, even after you have finished rehab. Once your addiction treatment is complete, BriteLife’s continuing care programs are still here for you - locally, in-person, in our alum app, or via emerging telehealth.

Recovery Inspiration From staff and other alums

Connecting with our alumni program doesn’t guarantee your sobriety, but it can help keep you responsible to your recovery peeps. Our alumni see themselves as being happy, peaceful, and grateful for our addiction treatment programs. They have built new lives for themselves and more than happy to support the newly sober.

BriteLife alumni who continue to be active and involved in the recovery community always outperform someone who stays on the sidelines. The alumni program continues to grow personal relationships that turn into bonds and life-long friendships. Most importantly, it keeps them active in the recovery and away from dangerous relapse.

Alumni Programs Boost Recovery

When clients complete a full continuum of addiction care and join the alumni program, they stay engaged. The BriteLife alumni program is aimed to keep everyone connected through a central, private digital page. Moreover, the same friends who supported your recovery while in treatment are still there for you once rehab finishes. For this reason, we manage a private alumni app that is full of engagement and sober motivation.

Our alumni manager will also help you locate and link up with local 12-step programs in your community. The alumni program allows you to stay connected with our rehab team who will remain an important resource. By maintaining communication, you can have the lasting support and care you need as you progress as in your recovery, one day at a time!

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