Continuing Care

CONTINUING CARE program for addiction

We provide continuing care for clients long after they leave our Pennsylvania rehab. Sobriety is a constant journey, and while we guide everyone through the process during their time in rehab, our support never ends. Each client will face their own distinctive set of challenges once they complete treatment. Our staff acknowledges how complicated it can be to return home or re-enter the community following rehab, which is why our purpose is to provide the tools needed to live a happy, healthful life and prevent relapse. We work with our clients to create personalized transition plans, develop goals, and answer questions or concerns you may have. Continuing care is a bridge to long-term recovery and clients who participate tend to have better outcomes than those who do not.

Discharge is just the Beginning

The first year of sobriety will challenge your perseverance and strength. Through our continuing care treatment program, we offer therapy and telehealth treatment that are intended to inspire confidence and strength, while safeguarding a client’s progress.

Our continuing care program includes:

While you should take great pride in completing treatment at BriteLife Pennsylvania, you must always remain committed to continued addiction support and care. At the same time, we will furnish or complete documents (at your direction) for employers, doctors or legal system.

Continuing Care to support Relapse prevention

Clients benefit from strategies that identify problems and find answers for them. Triggers are distinctive to the person that experiences them, so this must be an individualized program. Simply correlating those personal triggers is a big step in the right direction. After realizing triggers, clients and therapists work in partnership to find alternate actions that are substance free. Typical triggers include anxiety, hunger, thirst, loneliness and more. Therefore, solutions must be just as customized. Some clients find that running, walking, or hiking helps to minimize triggers, while others prefer yoga or Zumba.

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