Partial Hospitalization

Pennsylvania Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) in hanover

Our Pennsylvania partial hospitalization programs (PHP) in Hanover allows clients to receive rigorous addiction treatment while living offsite nearby. Clients often transition into our partial program after completing the residential phase. Our PHP includes individual therapy, group therapy, as well as co-occurring disorder treatment.

Our Pennsylvania partial hospitalization program offers more time in treatment than our outpatient care. It’s best for clients with a history of addiction and other mental health concerns. This rehab program gives clients valuable structure and daily routine, both crucial components of any treatment plan. All clients receive 25 hours of group therapy, two individual therapy sessions, and one family therapy session per week. PHP clients also participate in recreational activities and adventure therapies. The program helps clients set up an appropriate balance between self-care and taking on the tasks of daily life. Clients enrolled in the PHP have access to nearby, monitored housing.

PHP is suited for some, but not all, clients. If any of the following apply to you then our residential program may be more suitable:

  • You require medical attention for a physical or mental health condition.
  • You have not gone through a medical detox.
  • You are experiencing intense withdrawal symptoms.
  • You need consistent structure and supervision to remain clean.


We understand that you are an individual with a medical disease. Our behavioral health care team (consisting of doctors, therapists, counselors, social workers, and support staff) are here to treat your substance use disorder and any co-occurring conditions. We will help you work through your core emotional and/or social triggers. Each client is treated with the greatest respect, courtesy, and empathy to inspire them throughout the healing and recovery process. We also offer a full continuum of addiction treatment. Beyond partial hospitalization, our treatment levels include:


The amount of people entering addiction treatment who have experienced trauma-related issues has grown exponentially over the last 10 years. Essentially, this means that many people are self-medicating with substances to cope with their issues. At BriteLife Recovery Pennsylvania, most of our therapists have been trained in trauma response. This means understanding the role that trauma may play in addiction and working with the client to view a “trauma” event more objectively, rather than emotionally, to move forward in their recovery. Our therapists are skilled to ask questions and can determine when specialized trauma-focused methods are required. Also, once clients have advanced to PHP level of care, they are free from withdrawal or craving symptoms. At the same time, they can focus on themselves and any underlying problems (like trauma).

Trauma response can be helpful to clients who have experienced a traumatic event or a chronic “trauma” issue. By being open and honest, clients can learn more about what they are experiencing and how to objectively move forward for themselves.


In BriteLife’s partial hospitalization program you’ll be physically monitored while in treatment and participate in a range of evidence-based treatments. The PHP program is designed to provide thorough addiction care while still allowing you the independence to live your life outside of treatment. If you need help and are ready to take a first step toward a new life, then call us today at 866-470-2187.

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