Gender-specific Residential Treatment in Pennsylvania

Getting clean and sober on your own can be tricky, especially if you are dependent on one or more substances. Also, leaving your home is never easy, particularly when you feel sick. However, admitting into a Pennsylvania residential treatment program for substance use disorder can significantly increase your chances of a better life and brighter tomorrow.

Our Pennsylvania residential treatment program is designed to provide 24/7 care for people in the early stages of recovery. While inpatient drug and alcohol detoxification is focused primarily on health stabilization, residential treatment can last for months and stresses skill building, that is essential for long-term recovery.

At BriteLife, we subscribe to gender-specific programming for residential addiction treatment. If you are looking for a Pennsylvania alcohol and drug rehab and have never attended gender-specific treatment, you may not be informed of the benefits of joining a same sex program. At our Hanover rehab campus, we offer separate private residences for men and women. The setting is a safe, comfortable, and therapeutic atmosphere for both men and women to recover and heal.


While addiction can happen to anyone, regardless of gender, men experience substance use disorder differently than women, both physically and emotionally. An all-men’s residential treatment center can be more successful for long-term recovery for several reasons. For instance, men are portrayed to be strong and tough, which may be a barrier to treatment, as they may disguise their real feelings in front of coed group. This slows down the getting “honest” part which is a critical for healing to occur. Establishing bonds and developing trust with fellow men who are experiencing similar battles has shown to be very advantageous to the recovery process. In the men’s residential treatment program, you will get the support you need from the moment you’re admitted.


In our women's residential program we personalize substance use treatment plans to the needs of each woman. As a result, women discover (or rediscover) their ability to grow and learn through sobriety. They feel comfortable and safe in our women-only residence. In addition to providing customized addiction treatment, we offer new age, holistic wellness that help women achieve recovery and health and wellbeing. In this environment, the spiritual, physical, and social journey toward healing and recovery can begin.

BriteLife makes every effort to create a well-rounded experience within our women’s residential treatment program in Hanover, PA. We will inspire the most brave and beautiful side of each woman to rise to the occasion. Our satisfaction comes from seeing women complete detox and residential care, then successfully return to their families and communities.

The Residential Program is Just the Beginning

Most clients begin their recovery by going to detox. The effects of withdrawal are often severe and even life threatening. For example, clients who have a history of alcohol or benzodiazepine addiction need special attention for client safety. Our medical staff carefully monitors clients 24/7 during detox. To ensure that each client’s detox goes safely and comfortably, we monitor them throughout the day and night and administer medications according to doctor’s orders. Co-occurring disorders are treated at the same time by our medical team and our clinicians. Anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, and PTSD are a few of common issues.

Throughout your time in Pennsylvania residential drug rehab, you’ll be given ongoing medical evaluations for any co-occurring situations and will participate in cutting-edge behavioral therapy. Family members are welcome to participate in counseling sessions, when appropriate. Addiction is a family disease. Having the support of family members during this important time can be helpful, and family members can often form new, healthy relationships as a result.

Our residential rehab programs at BriteLife are designed to provide a safe, welcoming environment where clients can focus on healing themselves and find their foundation in recovery. If you need help and are ready to take a first step toward recovery, then call us today at 866-470-1464.

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