Life Skills Education

Life Skills education in Hanover

Life skills education is an indispensable part of Pennsylvania alcohol and drug rehab. Clients who have been twisting in addiction (some for years) have had their individual growth stalled by substance abuse. This is particularly true with clients 18-25 years old. Most simply miss out on true skill building that transpires in young adults. In fact, we help our clients to get back on track. BriteLife staff will assist you with resume writing, job search and life coaching skills. Also, keeping busy in early recovery is important and staying organized will give you self-confidence to find the success in your daily affairs.

Life Skills Education Supports:

  • Positive coping strategies
  • Time management skills
  • Self-awareness
  • Improved relationships

Life Skills for your daily routine

Most people who are in active addiction suffer their days in a haze, worried only with getting high, finding more drugs, and finding the money to pay for their drugs. They lose their self-awareness and struggle with managing even the most basic daily responsibilities. For example, overseeing an individual's finances or being able to prepare easy meals can be challenging. This is specifically true when a person has been apart from family for a lengthy time. In other words, the ordinary things that most of us take for granted are problematic for those suffering from substance use disorder.  Whether it's learning how to shop for groceries or creating a financial budget, our life skills education will bring get you up to speed and feeling confident in no time!

TEACHING Interpersonal Communication

Most individuals experiencing substance use disorder (SUD) become selfish and stay away from others. Learning how to work with others is necessary, but often challenging for clients getting treatment for substance use disorder. At the same time, effective recovery requires you to join new social groups that are aligned in supporting your recovery. Remember, the old friends are tied to your addiction. Some of the main social skills that are worked on include:

  • Maintaining even emotions.
  • Improving self-awareness.
  • Joining conversations.
  • Being open-minded.

In the new realm of recovery, clients must re-learn how to operate in the world. BriteLife's addiction programs provide a safe, supportive environment, but will also challenge you to grow. In this way, clients can focus on these skills before returning to their family. community and job. If you or someone you love has substance use disorder and wants to take their life back, then BriteLife at Hanover may be right for you. Please call us today at 866-470-1464 for a confidential assessment.

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