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There is no instant cure for substance use disorder. It takes time, professional help, and a commitment to get sober to establish lasting recovery. At BriteLife Recovery, clients can access a full continuum of care that includes a variety of holistic therapies. Take a closer look at our fitness center and how it can play a major role in getting sober, developing healthy routines, and expanding overall health and wellness.

Through regular fitness, clients will be better able to maintain a healthy weight when combined with  wholesome nutrition from our chef’s selections. Our Pennsylvania addiction treatment centers offers a full-service fitness room featuring modern cardio, resistance, free weights, and strength training equipment.


Fitness and exercise are important elements in a holistic addiction recovery program. Clients can experience real benefits for the mind and body that include:

  • Routine exercise and physical fitness can help improve your mood. Critical chemicals in the brain like dopamine, noradrenaline, and serotonin, are the same chemicals affected by most addictive substances. When you work out, your body releases these chemicals naturally.
  • A physical fitness program will enhance overall quality of life. Frequent exercise is a terrific way to increase physical, mental, and emotional wellness. A regular fitness routine can improve your mood, weight, and sleep.
  • Exercise supports physical healing. Studies have shown that cardio exercise can stimulate the nervous system’s ability to heal itself, otherwise known as neuroplasticity.
  • A regular fitness routine inspires you to love yourself. During Pennsylvania addiction treatment, clients slowly gain self-confidence and discover how to love themselves from the inside out. Exercise is an integral part of self-care and by routinely making it a priority, clients learn how to love and care for themselves completely.

With our help, you can change your lifestyle by implementing a fitness routine that improves your mind, body, and spirit. If you're want to change your life and put an end to addiction, then call us today at 866-470-2187 to find out if our holistic program is right for you.

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