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Good health entails more than just exercising and being active. The food we consume is the fuel on which our body operates. Which is why we always hear the phrase “nutrition and exercise.” Our Pennsylvania rehab takes a longer view of health. This means well-balanced nutrition, regular exercise, and rest. Sustaining this wellness approach helps clients recover from substance use disorder and get back on track to optimum health.

Nutrition is especially important during the early days of recovery for two reasons: one, many clients arrive appearing frail and malnourished. Second, clients require proper nourishment for the demands of behavioral health treatment.

We know from decades of research that food/nutrition plays an important role one’s wellbeing. Unfortunately, during substance abuse many addicts may stop eating altogether and suppress their appetite with caffeine and cigarettes. At the same time, others may develop a disorder like binging and purging. Also, depending on age and health, vital organs can become compromised. Lack of nutrients or a poor diet can injure the body’s most important functions. Combine that with the devastating power of substance addiction, and it’s not difficult to appreciate how addiction has lowered the life expectancy for Americans in recent years.

Poor nutrition harms your body

It’s important for everyone to have healthy eating habits, but it’s essential for people who are recovering from a drugs or alcohol. Even limited addiction can take an enormous toll on the body as it is pushed to work overtime to remove toxic substances and defend itself against the harm they do. Realizing nutritional balance is crucial in restoring the harm addiction does to your body.

Lack of proper nutrition can affect sleep, mood, and injure your immune system–leading to significant health problems. Even a common cold can be more severe to someone in addiction. For this reason, clients need to learn about the importance of nutrition and what it means to their overall health. Once an understanding of the significance of nutrition is developed, clients often become more responsive to creating new eating habits. And once clients see and feel the results of better nutrition, they are inspired to do more.

Good Nutrition Never tasted so Good

A nutritious diet is important for anyone taking the first steps toward sobriety. At BriteLife Recovery at Hanover, our chefs create a cuisine that is not only delicious, but also beneficial to physical healing and recovery. At the same time, our culinary team prepares meals with only organic ingredients. We change our menu’s change daily, providing clients with dining selections made with fresh fruits and vegetables (some from local purveyors). Most importantly, the culinary team works with clients and demonstrates how to cook simple, healthy meals, which is an important life skill to take home. The dining room is also a comfortable location for clients to enjoy some social downtime while enjoying their meal.

When you first arrive, our admissions staff will note any allergies and restrictions. We can work with you on special needs that you may require. Recovery is not just about not using drugs or alcohol. It involves a complete lifestyle change, and our staff is resolved to assist with that in every possible way, including food and nutrition.

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