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There are many techniques and treatment programs available to treat substance use disorder, from traditional, to alternative or complementary. Today, more and more programs are focusing on a holistic approach that incorporates a variety of methods and tools to help realize, sustain, and enhance recovery. Yoga is a complementary health activity that is often deemed a natural remedy. Yoga is most advantageous when integrated with other traditional addiction treatment methods.

According to Yoga Journal, yoga is the use of bodily postures to learn how to connect the mind, body, and breath to gain self-awareness and focus attention within one’s self. Today, about 20 million Americans perform yoga, a number that has exploded in the last 10 years.

Yoga is progressively being used in more addiction treatment programs and throughout recovery to help avoid relapse, lessen withdrawal symptoms and substance cravings, and provide a healthy channel to manage triggers and daily stress. BriteLife has its own yoga studio and offers a variety of classes for clients.


At BriteLife, we believe in a comprehensive, individual approach to treatment. While our emphasis is on evidence-based treatment modalities, we also integrate secondary services like guided or unguided mediation into our programs. Meditation is intended to improve a client’s addiction treatment episode and something they can take with them after discharge. For most, it provides a sense of calm and peace, which is counter to the chaotic lives many clients endured in addiction.

Guided and unguided meditation are common in addiction recovery. There are numerous forms of meditation that focus on different areas and may have distinctive benefits. BriteLife Recovery at Hanover offers daily, guided meditation to clients as the start each day at rehab.


Addiction is an overwhelming disease that can affect various parts of a person’s life. Someone who is recovering from years of addiction needs to heal in all these aspects. While each client is unique, there are many benefits of yoga and meditation reported to help people in addiction recovery that include:

  • Reduce daily stress and anxiety
  • Boosts mood
  • Improve physical Health
  • Better sleep
  • Control Pain
  • Enhances spirituality


YoCardio®: Cleanse and awaken the mind, body, and spirit with this high calorie burning, full body, low-impact Cardio Vinyasa flow to hip hop music. Take off your shoes and go bare foot to create a grounding. This class includes a fusion of Yoga and Cardio movements focusing on the buttocks, thighs, abdominals, and back, then slow flow YOGA followed by a lengthy final meditation and relaxation. Get it all in just 45 minutes.

Slow Flow Yoga: Whether you are a beginner exerciser, new to yoga or have been practicing for years this class will help you calm, heal, lengthen, strengthen, and balance the mind and body with a Slow Vinyasa (moving with the breath) Flow approach. Stimulating each Chakra from the base of our spines to the crowns of our heads. Warming, heating, cooling and then ending with a meditation and final relaxation. Meditation could include breathing, mantra, or mudra.

Yoga 101: Yoga 101 class will give you the tools to claim your power by creating a fearless energy. Yoga 101 is a Slow Vinyasa (moving with the breath) flow beginner yoga class. Learn the exercise of breathing and so much more, which will all increase your metabolism, immunities, and ground and balance your mind and body.

While in treatment, clients have the opportunity to engage in other self-care focus services such as: massage therapy, acupuncture, exercise classes, and more.

Many Pennsylvania rehabs don’t pursue holistic programs like yoga and meditation for addiction treatment. We take our holistic approach to treatment seriously. With BriteLife’s help, you can heal your mind, body, and spirit. If you're looking to put an end to the vicious cycle of addiction, then call us today at 866-470-2187 to find out if our holistic programs are right for you.

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