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Wellness programs have become an important part of drug and alcohol rehab as they promote overall health, physical, and emotional well-being. Wellness programs also stimulate confidence and positivity, which are essential attributes for someone seeking lasting addiction recovery. In other words, when the mind and body are strong and healthy, cravings (or withdrawal symptoms) are reduced. This directly supports abstinence from substances.

Most wellness programs are constructed to focus on the individual needs of the person receiving treatment. However, before starting any physical activity, there needs to an evaluation that includes history of substance use, physical and mental health. Using the evaluation, holistic treatment providers (like BriteLife Recovery) create a plan based on client’s needs and goals. This includes nutritional counseling, fitness, meditation, yoga, and other activities that promote health and wellbeing. Sound good? Well, research shows wellness programs increase treatment participation and improve treatment outcomes.


Nutrition is Vital to Wellness

When most adults admit into a Pennsylvania rehab, their diets and nutrition are typically less than desired. In fact, some may be malnourished or suffering a health consequence from a toxic diet. Even a simple illness can be more complicated for someone with substance use disorder. In treatment, clients learn about the value of nutrition and how it impacts their overall health. Once an understanding is established, clients typically improve their nutritional intake. And once they can see and feel the effects of improved nutrition, they are motivated to do more. Once nutritional needs are established, a nutritionist designs a meal plan to be followed throughout treatment.

A Program of Wellness Includes Fitness

Physical activity has a positive effect on addiction treatment, both to help control withdrawal symptoms and cravings and to improve overall health. Many studies show that exercise has a clear impact on mental, emotional, and physical wellbeing, and can ease anxiety, depression, and other mental health indications.

An assortment of workouts and activities are used to nurture physical and mental wellness during drug and alcohol rehab in Pennsylvania. These include, but are not limited to the following:

Holistic Therapies for Mind, Body, and Spirit

Most superior addiction treatment programs utilize holistic activities to help improve their client’s mental and physical wellbeing and mind-body-spirit connection. While they may be viewed as luxury amenities, more and more Pennsylvania rehabs are including them in their addiction curriculum. Some of the therapies used at BriteLife at Hanover include:

All these activities and therapies integrate well with traditional cognitive behavioral therapies and can offer wellness advantages by boosting confidence, self-esteem, and encouraging a deeper relationship to one’s inner self. When the features of a wellness program add value to the traditional elements of treatment, clients can benefit from increased treatment enthusiasm and realize the confidence needed to sustain recovery long after rehab ends.

About BriteLife Recovery
BriteLife Recovery is a national provider of addiction treatment for adult men and women. With a focus on total health and wellness, BriteLife offers individualized substance use disorder programs that are centered on client choice and collaboration. The company operates luxury treatment centers in Hanover, PA and Hilton Head, SC.

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